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Listing No. 11790

Travel Trailers > 1951 Travelite 35' Immaculate blonde wood

$27,000.00 - Located in Lemon Grove, CA

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Name:marcelo bermann (Ad #11790)

Phone 760-888-9600

Year 1951

Make trvelite

Model recessed kitchen

Feet 35

Inches 0

If you’re looking for a Vintage Trailer, you will find none finer than my ‘51 Travelite 35'. What makes this an outstanding find, is the almost spotless condition that it’s in. Vintage trailers are an entire industry that normally costs many thousands in restoration...the only really bad part in this one are the plastic tiles that have fallen-off in the bath-room, all of which I kept!  So, instead of spending twice the amount in purchasing and restoring another one, consider owning something as welcoming, warm, and well-built as this one. The reason I originally bought it is because I soon realized that workmanship had plummeted since it was originally built! The trailer is in Julian, special arrangements have to be made to view on a week-end, but I do have many more pictures! 760-888-9600 
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