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Listing No. 12057

Toters and Trucks > Custom 5th Wheel Hauler, with Air Controlled Hitch

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$29,999.00 - Located in Portland, OR

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Year 1999

Make Freightliner

Model FL60

Mileage 69,400

Cummins, ISC 8.3 liter, 285 H.P. @ 2000 rpm, 800 LB/FT, turbo/intercooler.    Extended Cab, air ride. Driver & passenger seats, air suspension, multi adjustable. 

Steering wheel adjustable, tilt, and height.  

Two fold down rear seats.    Cruise control. Clutch, Eaton Spicer, 14" dual ceramic plate. Transmission, Spicer Model ESO66B, seven speed manual, synchromesh. 

Air brakes, dual system, Anti-lock, dual reservoir.

Engine mounted compressor. Exhaust brake, Pac Brake.   Rear axle, 15,000 lb rating, 3.73 to 1 ratio, air suspension. Dual 75 gallon fuel tanks,    130 amp alternator 

Wheels, 19.5 X 7.50, Alcoa aluminum,      

Tires, Michelin, 245/70R 19.5, 12 ply Quick dis-connect air connection, for external use. #01.   Air over electric controller provides synchronized braking to the fifth wheel brakes. Includes manual over-ride control and D.C. ammeter mounted in the overhead display.  #02.   Six steel wheels replaced with Alcoa aluminum wheels.  #03.   Smart-Tire monitor mounted above windshield overhead. Can be removed, or update to new wheel sensors.  #04.   Deck support frame constructed of 3" X 6" X .187" wall extruded aluminum box. Four longitudinal stringers with six cross members, interlocking and welded. Isolated from truck frame by 1/4" EPDM rubber pads.   #05.   Deck is 8 feet wide by 10 feet long, from .187" thick aluminum diamond plate. Sections are isolated from deck frame by 1/4" EPDM rubber pad, and are removable. The plate is held to the deck frame with stainless steel counter-sunk screws.  #06.    Fifth wheel hitch designed and custom built by Entec West, Inc. Air suspension using four Firestone air mounts.  Multi axis freedom of motion with total vertical motion of /- two inches around center height. Center height is controlled by a height control valve to match the fifth wheel when connected, so the fifth wheel rides in a perfect  horizontal plane. The hitch system has a 5,000 lb pin weight capacity.  #07.    The original hitch was a "Pull-Rite" low profile super fifth with a 25,500 lb towing capacity. The mounting components were replaced with the "air system" and only the head was used.  #08.    Air for the hitch is supplied from the primary air tank, thru a pressure protection valve rated at 80 psi. This protects the truck braking system from becoming non-operational. Also includes a manual shut-off valve. The hitch is located over the center line of the rear axle within 1/10 of an inch.  #09.    The truck bed length and hitch location permits a full 90 degree turn, and with a vertical clearance under the fifth wheel overhang of over 16 inches.  #10.    Four under-slung storage boxes, and three above deck boxes, provide 50 cubic feet of storage. One above deck box is large enough to hold two folding bicycles.  #11.   Spare steel wheel and tire included.  #12.   With the cruise control set at 62.5 miles per hour, and driving highway grades from 0 to 4%, whlie pulling a 20,000 pound load, the fuel consumption averages 9.9 miles per gallon.  #13.   12 volt D.C. power is wired into the area behind the driver's seat for a refrigerator or other accessory. It is inter-locked with the engine oil pressure so the batteries cannot be drained.                                  Cliff    503-730-2096,  503 624 7118  


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