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TOADS > 2014 VW Jetta TOAD

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$11,900.00 - Located in Vero Beach, FL

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2014 VW Jetta SE, 27k, 4 cylinder 1.8 liter Turbo, 5 speed, brand new Road Master tow bar. This car is in fantastic condition, low miles and still under factory warranty. Leather Interior, heated seats, satellite radio, aluminum rims, tinted windows.

This car has the 1.8 liter 4 cylinder turbo motor, it gets great fuel mileage, I easily see over 40mpg. It is still under factory VW warranty, I have all service receipts.

I chose this car as my TOAD (Flat Tow behind an RV) for a couple of reasons, first is it is very light weight. I have a scale ticket for the car 3050 lbs with the tow bar and base plate. It pulls beautifully even behind small RV's. It has a brand new Roadmaster Stow Master tow bar that folds down easily. It is made of Stainless Steel and is very high quality. The installation was done by Elkhart Hitch in Elkhart IN, they are probably the best shop in the country for hitch's and tow bars. The car is wired for LED brake lights, running lights, and turn signals that are installed inside the rear lights but DO NOT require any power from the car to work.

Every car is different in how they can be flat towed and I chose the VW because it does not require any power to flat tow, all you do is put a key in the ignition so the steering wheel doesn't lock, put the transmission in neutral, lock the door and away you go. It uses no power from the car whatsoever, just hook up and go. You don't need to start the car every few hours or perform some complicated procedure with the transmission before you tow.

The tow bar can be removed from the front of the car in about 30 seconds and stowed in the trunk. The front end remains nice and clean you can hardly see the mounting brackets tucked under the front bumper.

The car is very fun to drive, the motor is very strong with the 1.8 liter turbo but still gets great gas mileage. The interior is like new with heated leather seats, 5 speed transmission, AM/FM CD with satellite radio.

The car is in Vero Beach Florida.

Call or text for more info. Sean 8o8-868-6542
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