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Name:Mike and Iggy Stepo (Ad #13479)

Phone 9077502345

Hi everyone, my name is Mike, and the hairy guy is Iggy. The journey of life has been great so far, and as of right now I am in the process of finishing my final year of graduate school (Loan-City, USA). I keep trying to LIVE each day to the fullest, while still trying to be realistic about my future. Lots of hours have been spent down the rabbit hole trying my best to find a Class B coach or honestly anything RV/Motorhome under 30 ft. (I think because of parking and maneuverability). Time keeps on slipping, into the future, and I will need to have all of my belongings out of my old apartment by July 31st, 2021. I plan to use the ride to gather my things from storage in Louisiana where I attended school in-person prior to Covid, before making the haul home to Alaska. My plan is to use my 2nd AT&T phone to hotspot for my online classes, and to use local and nationwide stores to hookup to amenities (i.e. Walmart, RV Parks). My budget is constrained at the moment; I would like to spend under $5000.00, and this seems to be an issue when looking on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. I know that the options afforded to me will likely not be “cherry” or even fully functional. That being said, I do need something running that I can count on while finishing school. In my mind I like to think of myself as someone capable and handy of taking on a project, however, school is still my main priority. $5000.00 limits my options, but I do think that having this option is a great one! Another full year lease is out of the question, and I am ready for an exciting new start on the road with Iggy.

Thank you for your time.

Mike & Iggy from Alaska
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