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Listing No. 13410

Toy Haulers > REDUCED PRICE!!! SOLAR-40' toy hauler, 12' garage

$31,900.00 - Located in Kingman, AZ

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Seller Contact Information

Name:Charlie Davis (Ad #13410)

Phone 928-897-2205

Year 2008

Make Solar

Model Fusion 36208

Feet 39

Inches 8

REDUCED TO $31,900

Custom modified with 1,320 watts of solar and 4 L-16 deep cycle house batteries, 3,000 watt Xantrex inverter (Pure Sine Wave, not a modified sine wave cheapie), 2 - 60 watt Xantrex controllers to keep the batteries in top shape, Easy Start on the 16,000 btu AC so it will run on the batteries OR a 2,000 watt Honda generator that sips gas, yes only a 2,000 watt Honda will do the job in case of cloudy days on end.
48" Vizio on an adjustable wall mount that allows good visibility from the slide out seating.
Large double door referigerator, lots and lots of storage, overhead beds for the kids 2-3 little ones next to the kitchen and 2 double beds in the garage on electric hoists to sleep 4 more. Electric hoist added to help close the tailgate.
I bought this toyhauler last summer and had it modified this winter and then found out I have AMD and will be going slowly blind, well I hope it is slowly anyway but my left eye seems to be racing ahead now!!!
So the new plan is to buy a shorter travel trailer with a slide out and carry my Honda Pioneer 500 side by side in the back of my truck so my partner can handle it ok.
My life has been great as I look back and I have no regrets, would do most of it the same except eat more dark greens (the eye docs say it would help to do that) granny said it was carrots, but she wore glasses, I know she meant well.
Triple axle, washer hookup in garage and 3 holding tanks for waste water and 138 gal fresh water, 10 gal water heater.
I had a third electric jack added in the front with separate controls to lift the load as the batteries are a bit heavier than a 5500 Onan that was an option, it works well.
All decals were removed and sides polish and cleaned like new, add what decals you want to customize it for your fun toys.
Almost forgot, It needs new awning material, someone left the awning out and a dust devil ate it in my front yard!!!! Been quote $440.00 from local dealer here.
Would certainly consider a trailer with a slide as mentioned above, thanks
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