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To post a classified ad on this website, simply clicking the big "Create Your Ad Now" button above. You don't need to create an account to create your listing, but a password will automatically be created for you and emailed to you. You can then use that password to edit any listing you have created with us under the same email address. You can always change your password once you have logged into your account.

We charge a small monthly fee to list each classified ad. You can find the prices that we charge on the Prices page. We offer multiple price plans, so you can always choose to pay for only the features you want. There are also other options you can choose to purchase for your ad, such as:

  1. Bolding - This bolds the title on your ad, when potential buyers are browsing the ads on this website.
  2. Featured Listing - This places your ad at the very top of the category page that the ad is listed in - IN IT'S OWN SECTION, SEPARATE FROM THE REST OF THE ADS. We display a few random featured ads when the page is loaded. Please note that the featured ads section may show the same ads for a few minutes before it will change to a different set of ads. This will bring the attention of visitors to your ad.


To edit your existing ad, first login to your account by typing your email addres and password into the login page. Once logged in, click the "Show/Edit My Listings" link on either the "Account Home" page or the "Show/Edit My Listings" link on the menu above (only shown when logged in).

Once you're on the "Show/Edit My Listings" page, find the ad you wish to edit, and click the Edit link next to it.


You now have the ability to not only add new photos to your ad, but you can also delete existing photos from your ad and replace them with new ones, or don't replace them at all.

To do this, click the "edit pictures" link next to your listing on the "Show/Edit My Listings" page (link is shown at the top of this page once you've logged in).


To mark an ad sold, on the "Show/Edit My Listings" page, click the "Mark Sold" link.


To completely remove your ad, you'll have to contact us and ask us to completely remove your ad. Please only do this if you haven't sold your item and don't want it listed anymore.


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.