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Avoiding Scams

The following are some scams that we have seen people attempt on this website. We are listing them here to help keep you informed about what to look for.

We received word that someone going by the name of "Mitchael Welsh" was acting as a buyer and this is the scam email that he sent to the seller:

Hello, So sorry for my late reply.Well i am delighted to read from you and also i will like you to know that i am still interested in the purchase and I'm willing to offer the $10,750.00 so consider it sold to me and please don't entertain any other offer.As for payment,I'll arrange for the Certified Cashier's check to be sent to you so i will need these details below from you such as:

1)Full Names (how it should appear on Certified Cashier's check)
2)Postal address
3)Phone numbers (both mobile and land)

Regarding the pick up,my shipper will come over to your place for pick up and then ship to my location though that is after you must have gotten my payment in hand.He will will be shipping some other things for me which i purchased,including these i am buying from you,so that means he will be doing the shipping altogether.This way you will be free from shipping hastles and stress.Anyway i will be awaiting these details today so that the payment can can be sent to you.Hope to hear from you soon and my kindest regards to you and your family..


Someone by the name of "Robert Dennis" has been contacting people, using the email address, and we have been notified that his emails look a lot like the emails sent by "Mac Todd" (shown below). Please avoid doing business with this person.

A person wants to buy your coach for "insert family member here" and wants to pay with PayPal (or make a deposit using PayPal). You will receive fraudulent "PayPal" emails (they are not really from PayPal) saying that the money has been received but will not be released until you send the buyer's agent "insert some dollar amount here", when in fact the money has not actually been received. The buyer may claim they actually sent more than the agent fee, so it won't cost you anything. The fake PayPal email will assure you that everything is 100% secure, but it is not. This is a scam and should be avoided at all costs.

ALERT: Please ignore all communications from a person who is going by the name Mac Todd, Mat Todd, or Mat (spelled with one "T"...I, Matt Davis, am the owner of, along with numerous other "clearinghouse" websites, and spell my name with two T's, just to clarify), or has ANY email address This is a scam and we are doing all we can to block this person from emailing anyone who has an ad on this site, using the built in email form, but we would recommend you add to your email block list. Here is a sample email that he has sent to people:

"Hello, I have forwarded the features of your vehicle to my client for evaluation and confirmation. Due to time constraint on the fact that we are running short of time , I am delighted to tell you that my client has commended your vehicle and he has instructed me to carry on with this transaction at the price of $176,000 He said he will be going on a vacation soon and will rest virtually all the transaction on my shoulder and assign a shipper likewise that I will work with and he further stressed that he will be issuing out a certified check of ($186,500) which was a refund payment of a canceled order earlier made by him but will be filled in your name, Companys policy only allows a refund payment on one certified check.You are only required to deduct the cost of your vehicle ($176,000) and send the difference ($10,500) when payment gets to you, to a shipping agent whose information will be given to you as soon as he approves a reliable shipper. The agent will need the funds to offset shipping charges, taxes, any cosmetic repair cost and miscellaneous expenses, and the agent will be responsible for signing, transferring of title paper and also pick-up. For the payment to be made out to you as soon as possible, Confirm this and forward your.... LEGAL NAMES..... ADDRESS....... PHONE NUMBER................ All other information needed in completion of this transaction will be given to you in due course. Your honesty, understanding and co-operation will be highly appreciated. Respectfully, Mat"

There is also an email scam being sent out claiming your profile is going to be locked, and it looks like it came from this website. We are not sending these emails out, and you should ignore them. Here is an example of the email being sent out:
Your profile will be locked in response to a complaint received by the Administration 29.01.2010
According to "paragraph 8 of the user agreement, reserves the right to suspend or
terminate the provision of services, promptly notifying the user.

Refute the statement may be, following this link:
[Link not shown to prevent you from going to this scam link]

If the application is not rejected within 7 days, your e-mail an account will be blocked.
It has a number 321079092791672.

In the near future we will contact you.
It takes up to 3 days to process your request.
Thank you!
mail support service

How to avoid scams and fraud

As the old addage says, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".

Take any cashiers check you receive to your bank and ask them to cash and clear it where they cannot come back to you for money if the check if fraudulent.

Here are some various scams that are common place on the Internet, or any other means of advertising:

  • Anyone who asks you to wire. funds for the vehicle they have listed is most likely a scammer.

  • Some scams involve sending the seller a fake cashier's check or money order to pay for their vehicle, but once the bank has cashed the bad check/money order the seller is held responsible.

  • This should go without saying, but NEVER, I repeat, NEVER give anyone your financial information. This includes any of your account numbers, social security number, account logins, etc. You're just asking for trouble if you do.

  • Please be careful if a buyer who is interested in your vehicle lives in a different country than you do. We're not saying that everyone who lives in another country is attempting to scam you, but do your homework to make sure it's a legitimate buyer before making the sale. Obviously, you want to protect yourself with any potential buyer (or seller for that matter), but transactions between countries may make it more difficult to take legal action.

  • If the seller asks for a partial payment, upon which the vehicle will be shipped, it is most likely a scam.

Here are some real examples of scams that have been seen:

  • If you open a Home equity line of credit account and email it to me, I will deposit $250,000 for the RV and shipping. Then, I need you to ship 4 or 5 cars for me, using the extra money I deposited"

  • "My father's RV is in (Pick a state), and I flew back there last week to sell it, only to find out the supposed buyer didn't have enough money. I'm not flying back to meet you to sell my RV unless you send me (some large amount of money...$2,000 to $5,000) to pay for my trip. I can't afford to pay my own way at this time, and don't want to waste my time if there isn't a sale."

  • A so called "agent" for a buyer wants you to accept a cashier's check from them in excess of the price of the RV - so they can receive money back..  Some of them may even want you to take out a home equity line of credit and send them the bank and routing number!

  • "Am okay with the vehicle after i accepted on your price at which you accepted on selling it out; apparently,i will like you to know that the earnest payment $1,000.00 NON REFUNDABLE will get to you in a Money order which will include an excess fund.

    The $1,000.00 NON REFUNDABLE you are deducting from the excess fund is for you not to accept offers from another interested buyer's due to the fact that i do not want to lose this vehicle,the remaining balance which is the difference of the excess fund should be wire to my agent via western union money transfer after you must have deducted your own share $1,000.00 NON REFUNDABLE.


    i want my agent to come to your location and inspect the vehicle in person with you.

    Note: you are required also to deduct the cost of money transfer charges from the balance and send the rest to my agent as advice.All the information needed in this- transaction will be forwarded to you after you must have received the payment from UPS,my agent -information as soon as you received the payment package. After payment has reached you and balance sent to my agent.

    Your sale asking price will be paid to you via bank transfer.

    Please confirm this and provide payment information for Money Order payment to be delivered to you via Courier..Payment Information:

    1,Your legal name,
    2, Full contact address
    3, Cell Phone#"

Please use your own judgement when dealing with buyers or sellers on this website. We do not guarantee any transaction, nor do we provide any legal advice for either party. It is up to you to decide if the transaction is legitimate or not. We only provide the space to list vehicles for sale.

There are various ways to report fraud, by phone or online:

Federal Trade Commission. toll free hotline: 877-382-4357

Federal Trade Commission online complaint form

Internet Fraud Complaint Center

If you see any other scams, please feel free to email us by clicking here. and let us know about them. We'll add them to our list to help keep people informed. Thank you.