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Here are the most common questions we receive, along with the answers:

Question: How do I cancel my listing?

Answer: To cancel your listing, login to your account. Next, click the "Account Home" link on the top menu of this page, then click "Show/Edit My Listings", then click "Mark Sold" next to your listing. Once you've marked your listing sold, you will need to cancel your PayPal subscription for our service. You can either do that by logging into your PayPal account and cancelling the subscription or by contacting us to do it for you.

Question: I have tried calling and emailing a person on your site who has a listing, but haven't been able to get ahold of them. Is there another phone number or email address I can try?

Answer: The only contact information we have for a particular ad is what the seller typed when posting their ad. Rarely, they may have made a typo when typing their phone number or email, but most likely the ad has been on the website for quite a while and that person has moved, but not requested their ad be removed or marked sold. Please contact us to let us know.

Question: I sold my item years ago, but just found out it's still listed on your website. How do I remove it or mark it sold?

Answer: As a note: Please remember, it is the responsibility of the person listing the ad to notify us once their item has sold or to remove it if it is no longer for sale. Please contact us to let us know it's been sold.

Question: I keep calling people who have their item listed on your website, only to find out they sold a long time ago. Why are they still listed on your website?

Answer: As mentioned above, it is the responsibility of the person listing the ad to notify us when to remove or mark their ad sold. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget their ad is listed on our website. The agreement when they list their ad is it will run until sold, and if they don't let us know it's been sold, it remains on the website. Please contact us to let us know it's been sold.

Question: My ad has been listed on your website for a long time, but I haven't gotten any calls on it. What's wrong?

Answer: This can be a combination of different things. First, you should write a very informational description of your item, the more you describe it, the better. Next, you should really make sure you're asking a good price. We understand that you may owe more, or have more money in the item, than what the used value of your item is. If you're asking more for your item than what's it worth in the market, most people won't contact you about it. Buyers are looking for the best deal they can find. You can find out exactly what your item is worth in the current market by using an appraisal service. Last, but not least, take plenty of good quality pictures of everything you can think of. The more pictures, the better.

Question: I think this particular ad is a scam

Answer: Please contact us to report the possible scam, and we'll remove the ad if that's the case. We appreciate you reporting any possible scams.

Question: I think the person who contacted me about my item for sale is trying to scam me. What should I do?

Answer: Unfortunately, there's not a lot anyone can do to prevent scammers from attempting scams. We recommend that you take a look at our Avoiding Scams page by clicking here.

We can try to block a particular person by their IP address, but scammers tend to spoof their IP address, so that may not work, but we can try. We'll need to see the original email message they sent to you, to get their IP address. If you use our support form, we'll respond with an email address you can forward the original email message to. If you would like to report the scam, click here

Question: I paid you to post an ad, but I still don't see it listed on your website, what's the problem?

Answer: There are a couple of reasons why your ad isn't yet listed on our website. We unfortunately have to manually approve each ad before it can be activated on our website. This is due to scammers attempting to post fake ads on the website when the activation was automated. Another reason is you may have posted your listing during non-business hours (we're open from 9am to 5pm Arizona Time Monday-Friday) and we haven't had a chance to activate your ad yet. Rest assured, it will be activated as soon as we are back in the office. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us