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Listing No. 11153

Classic RV's > 1971 Airstream Land Yacht

$6,500.00 - Located in Ardmore, OK

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Seller Contact Information

Name:Gary Turner (Ad #11153)

Phone 1: 5806301844

Phone 2: 5806301844

Year 1971

Make Airstream

Model Land Yacht

Feet 31

Inches 0

This is not just any Airstream Land Yacht. She's unique and a real beauty! I might consider trading for larger travel trailer and $1000.00 cash. We camp with our granchildren in the summer months and need something larger!... Previously owned by the State of Oklahoma. A former Governor of Oklahoma had exclusive use of her for travel. She spent most of her days in covered storage! I have the original service and owners manuals. She still bears the State of Oklahoma Seal outside, as well as the raised lettering, "Oklahoma", on both sides.( The words,"State of")were removed for obvious reasons. The "Oklahoma" remains and is in perfect condition. It is unique and really draws attention as it is the same color as the Land Yacht Blue trim. She's is in great shape. She would look just like the new ones with a good polishing to a mirror shine. There are two small areas of damage. on the left side caused by the wind catching the door. (The owner's manual recommends simply replacing areas of damage by riviting in a new panel of the same type of Aluminum. The small area of damage was sealed but can be replaced. In the photo you can see the dent at the top. Easy to fix also and almost all Airsteams have one or more just like it.. It really doesn't affect her overall beauty and is not evident in person unless you look close. All windows are in perfect shape. NO LEAKS EVER! Original awnings still intact on both sides and the rear window. Has all original wheel coverings. Heck, she even has the little Airstream mailbox still attatched. The flooring is just okay and really needs to be replaced with Pergo or similiar quality.Click this link to view photos>>> really needs a good cleaning which I plan to do today. Is currently hooked up to electricity and water and everything is working fine... She's a real beauty and anyone would be proud to travel with her just like she is! All original except for flooring and mattresses . Mattresses on both twin beds are new and the sofa was recovered with a neutral fabric several years ago. Pulls easily with 1/2 ton pickup or greater and does have automatic leveling jacks..She's travel ready and waiting for the right owner!
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