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Listing No. 9627

Unique RV's > 1984 Man Articulating

$7,669.00 - Located in Apple Valley, CA

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Seller Contact Information

Name:Stretch Man (Ad #9627)

Phone 1: 714 420 5466

Phone 2: 714 420 5466

Year 1984

Make Man

Model Articulating

Feet 60

Inches 0

FOR SALE OR TRADE...!!!This BUS would be great for "Business Promo" (Parked or Rolling Billboard)"Moving Van" ~ "Band Tour Bus" ~ "PartyBus" "Passenger Transport" or the "ULTIMATE RV"...!!!get creative she has endless possibilities...This bus is awsome, at 60ft it's huge and fun to drive & ride in. has power steering in the back like a big fire truck so its easy to manuvor.EVERYONE looks at her an says...What the Bleep is that??? and I mean EVERYONE...!!! 1984 M.A.N ~ 60 ft. "Articulating" Bus"Articulating" means it bends in the middle We got her from the City of Pheonix ArizonaI have had up to 80 of my friends partying on this bus, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego California Area.... she has been "VERY RELIABLE" for the past couple years we have had her, with no repairs, she has been a blast. I'm sad to see her go...Unfortunetly my partner is forcing me to sell her... otherwise I would keep her...(with a capital K)Someone is going to get a Great deal... M.A.N is a Division VW-Volks Wagon Corp., She has a Clear California Title and is OCT-07 Currently California Registered as a (Motor Home), with a little tlc I know you'll be happy with here's the skinnyShe runs and drives great right now, She has a M.A.N 6 cyl. Diesel "Puller" w/ Automatic Transmission, Air-Brakes an Air-Ride Suspension. there is a 4cyl Diesel Motor in the back that runs the A/C only (its kinda overkill) I believe it could be used to also run a generator. the a/c motor is good but the fuel pump needs a little service. there are total of 8 tires 22.5's they are ok now, but should be checked regularly. she has around 50 seats that are easy to remove and in good to fair condition, plus hand rails w/ room to stand w/ 6.5 ft. floor to ceiling inside an around 8 ft. wide, not sure the total out side heigth, I know a greyhound bus is taller. most of the windows are emergancy safety windows that pop out with an escape hatch out the top. we were going to put a sun deck or kinda of a stage/platform on top. a couple windows are cracked but not broken out, would be easy to replace. you'll probably want to paint her tough for the most part she is pretty straight, we started to put custom "space painting" art on her (see pictures). there is a little rust at the bottom edge of some of the side windows and by the rear window that could easly be fixed up. there is a aircheck valve that needs to be serviced an if she is parked for a long time some trans fluid will drip, a new seal would fix it. the middle is in good-fair condition. she has 2 doors a front and a middle that are controlled by the driver. a couple of the lights need new bulbs but most are working. we put new batteries in about 6 months ago an she has been very reliable for the past couple years mostly 1-3 hour drives with hours & hours of idle time with no problems. with a little tlc and basic maintenance she will continue to be the energizer bunny...that keeps going an going.I have tried to discribe her as best possible, though she is so big I may have missed something...If you have any questions please ask? 714-420-5466 again she runs great... No warranty: sold or traded "as is" with no written or oral warranty of any kind.Transport is soley the responsability of the buyer.
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