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Listing No. 10783

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$0.00 - Located in Greeneville, TN

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Name:Mike Stone (Ad #10783)

Phone 423 552 0048

Year 0

Make Any

Model Any

Feet 33

Inches 45

FREE RV wanted for Grandfather with 13 grandkids. I want an RV to use to take them (the grandkids and whoever else we can snag) on trips to historical spots around the country; Mount Vernon, Appatomatox, Washington DC etc. These trips will be launched specifically for the development of their character and patriotism. These are great kids whose parents did a wonderful job of training them. They will be future leaders. This will be an investment in America by you. I am NOT poor, nor needy. On the other hand, I cannot afford an RV. I have spent my life serving others - THAT is easy to confirm. Fomer Pastor, Retired military and now work in medicine. References available. Will need a class A (as only a class A will be suitable as a rolling classromm etc. Call me if you'd like or visit me, and meet all the grandkids, in beautiful East Tennessee - right along the Smoky Mountains! Mike 423 552 0048
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